The Mechanics Group LLC

Engineering Thought Leaders and Professionals for Tomorrow's Terrain

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We believe in generosity – as a company and as individuals, we believe there is nothing more profitable we can do than to build generous systems. There is nothing more honorable than being open-handed with the gifts we steward, so our hope is to help and serve a population of people who are fully capable but may lack the time to curate resources. We can help you connect dots in familiar arenas and understand information in outlying business narratives. It is our goal to generate value in you and help you succeed in your process.

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We live out our passions and work to make sure others have the freedom to do so as well. Without this freedom, we believe industry is destined to shackle creativity and innovation under the guise of what has always been done. Our calling is to lead by example and offer the same autonomy to you through conversation and design so that you can live out your greatest passions.

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We work with vigor to identify and create margin in the clients we serve to explore possibilities for growth in themselves and their enterprise. It is of the highest priority in our organization to create opportunities for risk and to protect the time and space necessary for healthy value creation.

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We believe in relationships and the benefit of conversation in healthy growing businesses. We are a community of people who believe in not just the truth of the information we provide our clients but the value of the relationship itself. Our hope is that you would see time with The Mechanics Group as an opportunity to learn but also as an opportunity for us to serve you and cheer for your success.

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The Mechanics Group is fully and wholly committed to helping populations who cannot do for themselves. We want these services to benefit competitive industries but also businesses and entrepreneurs who struggle, need help and may not be able to afford it. We offer scholarships for our services on a case-by-case basis and also provide support to The Hundred Movement, Inc., a NC based non-profit dedicated to building foster care families for underage victims of sex trafficking. Please visit The Movement's website for more details on how to help their mission.