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Our goal in partnering with you is to offer resources for growth as well as provide a unique paradigm structure for success – integrating sustainability, infrastructure, and value composition to allow for healthy growth in your life and work over the coming years.

The Mechanics Group serves entrepreneurs, thought leaders and culture makers in developing systems to create vision, momentum and productivity in their arenas and communities. We specialize in the nuts and bolts of small business and non-profit management.

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ALEX WICKELL Associate Pastor, The Branch Community Church, Chicago IL

Associate Pastor, The Branch Community Church, Chicago IL

Mike Hatch

Mike Hatch

People tend to be either dreamers or doers. But to bring any sort of change, both are needed. Inviting PW into the change you envision will result in you growing in both of these dynamics. When my organization was in its infancy, PW coached us to develop a laser-like focus about who we are and what we want to accomplish. Looking back, structures were built that have sustained us for years. But PW’s involvement did not stay with the theoretical by any stretch. Because of his direction, our actions are directly informed by our goals. Our team moves in the same direction as we aim at strategic goals and deliver measurable results. PW helps us in the trenches because he has been in the trenches. Our organization is better because of his partnership, and yours will be, too.
I had the privilege of being a client of PW’s [The Mechanic’s Group] consulting for about a year and it has made a tremendous difference in mine and my family’s life. I gained great perspective in understanding the financial narratives of our culture that shape my own personal perspective about money. It was like taking off blinders and seeing the whole picture for the first time. PW opened up a whole new world of possibilities and education I never knew was there.
As a result I have a renewed enthusiasm and confidence in handling personal finances, investments, savings, etc. We’ve made tremendous progress in setting a foundation for safeguarding and building wealth for years to come. We’ve also been able to organize our personal finances in such a way that align with God’s narrative and give our family a more unified purpose and sense of mission. I’m so grateful for PW’s expertise and willingness to take the time to mentor me.
I highly recommend PW’s [The Mechanics Group] consulting. The investment you make in meeting with him will pay dividends for generations to come!


Our hope is that a conversation with you would allow us to dive in the deep gears of your life and narrative and offer a set of questions and consequent paradigms to prepare you for tomorrow’s terrain.

Explore our site below or from the menu, get excited about finding some new paths to travel in your life, and schedule a complimentary consulting session with PW, our Principal Mechanic. Find another gear!